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Un nuevo FlexDesk 640 mejorado

Computer users often work with documents, notes and reports when carrying out their computer tasks. But having these papers spread out over the user’s desk often places additional strain on the user’s body. The solution? FlexDesk, the multifunctional document holder that also increases the productivity of the desktop workstation.
And now there’s a new and improved version of the FlexDesk 640 document holder available from BakkerElkhuizen. Interested in finding out what this new version has to offer?

A comfortable workstation
Placing documents to the left, right or even directly in front of the keyboard means extra strain on neck muscles and eyes. This can result in neck pain, headaches and even inability to work. This is easy to prevent by placing a document holder between the screen and the keyboard on the desktop workstation. This immediately provides a much more comfortable computer workstation.

Higher productivity
A FlexDesk makes the best possible use of the space between the screen and keyboard. This document holder is sturdy enough to hold several documents, thick books and ring binders while also providing space for Post-it notes and a mobile phone. This keeps the user’s desk visually organized for better concentration on the task and higher productivity. Its work surface that glides easily on rails can also be used as a writing slope. Since users can use the work surface for writing as well, this eliminates the need for them to have two workstations: one for writing and another for computer work.

A new improved FlexDesk 640
Certain aspects about this product display even more ergonomic and design innovation. Examples? The new version has an increased setting range with a height of 109 to 182 mm at the back, the work surface has been enlarged to 51 cm, and a softer wrist rest and improved pull tab provide even more comfort when using the FlexDesk 640. Finally, the finishing has been refined and the anti-slip feet added to the design provide more stability.

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