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ErgoTraveller: crea un lugar de trabajo cómodo para los usuarios de portátiles que viajan

We are increasingly using laptops while on the go: in the train, during a flight, at the boarding gate, in a hotel lobby or even in the back seat of a car. Creating a comfortable place to work in these locations often proves impossible. This is why BakkerElkhuizen introduced the ErgoTraveller.
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A thin laptop bag
The ErgoTraveller is a laptop bag with a thin sleek design. This sleek design is the result of placing its useful storage compartment not on top of the laptop bag but designing it as an extension of the bag. This hinged storage compartment makes the ErgoTraveller unique: flip it open, and the laptop screen can then be placed at a comfortable height. The storage compartment has room for the charger, mouse and other small accessories. The laptop bag accommodates laptops up to 15.6 inches, and its shock-absorbing foam elements ensure that the laptop is well protected.

The ErgoTraveller’s advantages
- The most portable laptop bag: lets you work quickly and easily on your laptop in the train, hotel lobby, airplane, or anywhere else.
- Keeps your legs cool to keep you comfortable when using the laptop on your lap.
- Security friendly: no need to remove your laptop from your bag at the airport security check.
- Shock-absorbing foam elements provide the laptop with the best protection.

Security friendly
The ErgoTraveller is also perfect for frequent flyers, as the laptop can remain in its bag for customs screening. For the security check, just flip the bag open.

Why use the ErgoTraveller?
To make the best use of their time, people frequently work while on their way or when waiting for their next appointment. These are often company representatives, regional managers and other business people who have to travel for their work to destinations in the Netherlands and abroad. During their trips, they often arrive at places where a good table to work with a laptop is hard to find. Working with a warm unstable laptop on your lap is not only very uncomfortable but it also tends to make you slump forward into a posture that puts unnecessary strain on your neck and shoulders.

With the ErgoTraveller, you don’t even have to take the laptop out of its bag. Just position the screen at a comfortable height and you have a simple workplace anytime, anywhere. Just right for when you want to take a few minutes to work out your notes or answer your e-mails - the kinds of little jobs that really don’t demand all the normal accessories like a mouse or keyboard. This makes the new laptop bag from BakkerElkhuizen a good companion for anyone who often travels by rail, air or taxi and wants to work in comfort.

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