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Una guía práctica para mejorar el rendimiento en el trabajo con los conocimientos de los deportes profesionales

1. Improve concentration and creativity by stimulating hourly breaks
Computer-based employee can significantly improve their job performance by taking a break every hour. Ideally, they should leave their workstation for three minutes and go for a short walk. You can stimulate your creativity by moving around for a bit. By walking away from your workstation during a break, getting some fresh air or even going for a short walk, you can return to work feeling refreshed and inspired. This may even lead to new insights that you had not thought about before.

However, employees tend to forget to take frequent breaks. Our WORK & MOVE software is an essential tool to remind employees to take breaks every now and then. WORK & MOVE coaches employees to take sufficient breaks from their work. This is done with on-screen notifications and proactive feedback about an employee's recovery behaviour and job performance. The software is based on proven scientific insights designed to get employees moving and enable them to perform better.

2. Improve employees’ pace with freely adjustable large displays
An employee's monitor should be at least 19” in size. This is essential in order for them to work quickly and efficiently. Smaller screens lead to a loss of performance. A monitor arm allows employees to quickly and easily set up their monitor in the position they prefer. The space-arm is a solution that has demonstrated its practicality and sustainability in practice. If you are required to use multiple windows at the same time, having a second monitor will allow you to work even faster.
3. Increase your speed by using a compact keyboard with keys in a light colour
The UltraBoard 950 is a specially designed compact keyboard. The numpad is sold separately. The light colour of the keys allows users to type faster. This keyboard was designed with a focus on user-friendliness.
Further increase your speed with the help of ergonomic accessories, such as a keyboard, mouse and laptop stand
You can work at least 17% faster on a laptop by using an external (compact) keyboard (read more about the benefits of a compact keyboard), a mouse and a laptop stand. A laptop stand (read our in-depth article about the benefits of a laptop stand) can be attached to your laptop, as with the ultra-thin Ultrastand. However, an integrated laptop stand is a tailor-made solution. Other alternatives offer compact, thin and light solutions that you can place your laptop on, such as the Ergo-Q260.

Furthermore, you can increase your speed by using an external mouse. This is because your laptop's touchpad is a lot slower to use than an external mouse. Two examples of ergonomic and fast mice are the DXT mouse or the Evoluent D. For more information about choosing the right mouse, download our whitepaper “How to choose the right mouse.”
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